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A Classical Open Air Teaching and Arts Venue at the Wish Tower Eastbourne.

This is a voluntary design project.

Fun, teaching and the arts? Do they go together? Yes of course!
But forget about Eastbourne for a minute.
The Greek theatre is an international global symbol. Whether it is in Hyde Park, New York, the mountains of South America or Hastings, it says the same thing and is immediately understood as a symbol of a culturally developed society. Deeply rooted in classical historic tradition this piece of classical retro-architecture is a symbol of democracy where people speak and people listen, it was in a structure similar to this that Athenian democracy developed around the fifth century BC, later to reach major societies around the world. Democracy is important today as it was then.
Respecting the Greek architects' theatre design principles and reproducing the design millennia later is a valid concept. It would give this site cultural significance and suggest Eastbourne's cultural aspirations.
A Classical open air teaching venue for local schools.

Greek theatre has provided a classical form of entertainment for over 2000 years.

It has encouraged playwriting and the arts. Greek players played to audiences of many thousands in the open air creating an unique and enjoyable communal experience.

A tiny Wish Tower Greek theatre has a hard act to follow. But the spirit will be the same. A very worthwhile community asset.

It can accommodate a multitude of activities. A venue for a choir, a talk, a small ensemble, a reading, a debate, teaching, young musicians, drama and many cultural activities. A classical addition to the Wish Tower area. It can be an additional facility for the events that are held on the Western Lawns.

A 4 tier theatre, as shown, can accommodate 154 plus 4 wheelchair user spaces.
Performers can be licensed by Eastbourne Borough Council or the restaurant management. The public have open and free access, no barriers, a community theatre.
Major events can be seat number ticketed, with tickets checked by 'Display Check' before the performance or at an interval, no barriers. Capacity can be increased by extending onto the Western Lawns.
English Heritage, who protect the Wish Tower and its surrounding area, do not object to the current plan, in its present location and size it is acceptable. They reserve judgement for final plans.

This project respect the existing Wealden sandstone rubble walling and includes its use as the main facing of the theatre enabling the theatre to slip into place complimenting the existing walling. Seating can be profiled Portland stone or buff coloured Wealden sandstone, Portland stone has been indicated.It is planned that a sponsors arc would be included in the project, concentric with the theatre to record all supporters for posterity.

This theatre replaces tarmac paths, shrub beds and steps.
Quantity Surveyors give a preliminary construction budget in the region of 230,000 to 280,000 (2014) depending upon stonework choices, availability and final design. These are indicative costs only at this stage and do not include any tent structures.

Below are plans, sections and computer generated perspectives.
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If you would like to see this project become a reality to promote the arts and its community benefits and can offer voluntary services or would like to sponsor/donate or just to know more please email
Wish Tower theatre

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Greek Theatre Open Air Classroom
Eastbourne Wish Tower
High level view from above Martello tower towards the Western Lawns
Eastbourne Wish Tower

A classic companion for the Martello Tower
Eastbourne Wish Tower

Eastbourne Wish Tower
Symmetry towards Western Lawns
Restaurant Wish Tower Eastbourne
View of theatre from Western Lawns.
No barriers, communal
Eastbourne Wish Tower
From the Western Lawns with Western View café in the background
Eastbourne Wish Tower
Eastbourne Wish Tower
Eastbourne Wish Tower
Eastbourne Wish Tower
Eastbourne Wish Tower
Eastbourne Wish Tower
To provide greater venue interest, options exist to improve the theatre's weather independence. Spatial membrane structures can easily be incorporated that provide solar and precipitation protection without undue compromising the lateral views.
Landscape areas can be introduced to define the theatre area and deal with cable ways.

Western Lawns
Option for tensioned membrane structure - view to Western Lawns
Martello Tower
Tensioned membrane structure - view from Western Lawns